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Almond Varieties

There are approximately 30 almond varieties produced in California orchards.Ten varieties represent over 70% of production. Nonpareil has the widest range of uses among the marketing classifications. 

Believe Farm Inc Offers:​

  • Inshell, Natural Raw Almonds 
    Nonpareil, Independence, Carmel, Price,Monterey

  • Shelled, Natural, Raw Almonds
    Nonpareil, Carmel, Price, Fritz, Monterey, Padre, Butte, Mission


Almond sizes:

16/18, 18/20, 20/22, 22/24, 23/25, 25/27, 27/30, 30/32, 32/34, 36/40 plus custom order specifications


USDA Grades:

U.S. Extra No. 1
U.S. No. 1
U.S. Select Sheller Run
U.S. Standard Sheller Run
U.S. Whole & Broken

Download the "Almond-Varieties" PDF sheet published by the Almond Board of California.

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